Hey everyone! Welcome to my first post to my new website! Today we are going to be talking about Pandora charms(one of the loves of my life)! I am complete Pandora jeweler fanatic! ( You will be able to pick that up really quickly)

So what are Pandora charms? Charms are little unique jewelry pieces for bracelets. They make charms for nearly everything you can think of! (appropriate things) There are thousands and thousands of the things! They come in all kinds of colors, metals and shapes. Some of the Charms come in 14K and 18K gold, wood, white gold, silver, duotone, enamel, glass, and with stones in pave. They have ones with with and without precious stones.

Pandora Jewelry Charms

So why are there so many Awesome Pandora charms?

Charms are meant to be special and unique. They allow every woman to have a unique bracelet that tells a story.(why I personally think they are so freaking cool!) You can go to the Eiffel tower on a summer holiday trip and buy a charm that reminds you of your experience at the Eiffel tower on vacation. Then you can go on a trip to England. While at England you can visit the royal families estate and buy a charm that reminds of the experience.

They start conversation! If i had a penny every time one of my awesome charms started a conversation with someone I didn’t know I’d have like 6 pennies! (I know it is not that much but you get the point!) They help you break the ice when you do not know what to say in an awkward position.


Wearing a Pandora armlet loan a great deal of refinement and appeal to the wearer, in view of the gems’ fine plan and brilliant craftsmanship. Comprising of a wristband made of metal, fabric, or calfskin that is enriched with remarkable charms of the wearer’s picking, a Pandora wrist trinket can be composed by the wearer to coordinate any outfit. A lady can make a Pandora arm jewelry that superbly communicates her identity, even her state of mind, by selecting and acquiring charms that mirror her hobbies and most loved things. A few samples of the sorts of charms amongst which one could pick incorporate diverse creatures, world landmarks, or an appeal with hearts, stars, or bosom growth strips. By shopping on eBay, the customer can fabricate a delightful Pandora wristband while purchasing with certainty and likely sparing some cash too. By knowing all the distinctive sorts of arm ornaments and charms accessible, and by knowing how to tell if a bit of gems is a true Pandora creation, the customer is readied to intelligently and securely purchase a perfect appeal armlet.